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Workforce Development Board

On behalf of the Governor, the State Workforce Development Board (SWDB) provides direction to the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and the workforce system on workforce development issues, particularly those pertaining to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The board is comprised of a majority of business leaders. Other members include legislators of the South Carolina Senate and House, local elected officials, workforce partners and representatives of community-based organizations. Members of the board are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

The mission of the South Carolina Workforce Development Board is to create a competitive workforce advantage for South Carolina by ensuring that a quality and effective workforce system exists in order to improve the prosperity of businesses and the lives of South Carolinians.

In April of 2017, the State Workforce Development Board (SWDB) came together to develop the board strategic plan. The board, while developing the strategic plan, had several goals including, evaluating the current economic demands, implementing value added processes and assessing strategies and future goals. The major goal of SWDB’s plan is to guide the board’s focus on growing the capacity and performance of the state’s workforce system. To view the 2017-2020 strategic plan, click the link below.

SWDB Strategic Plan

2018 Meeting Schedule

2018 SWDB and Committee Meeting Dates

SWDB Meeting Schedule

Date Time Location
June 27th 2018 11:00am SC DEW - C. Lem Harper Auditorium
September 13th 2018 TBD TBD
December 18th 2018 10:00am TBD

SWDB Executive Committee Meeting

Date Time Location
June 6th 2018 10:00am SC DEW - Executive Conference Room 6th Floor
August 29th 2018 11:00am SC DEW - Executive Conference Room 6th Floor
December 6th 2018 11:00am SC DEW - Executive Conference Room 6th Floor

SWDB Governance Committee

Date Time Location
August 9th 2018 2:00pm
September 27th 2018 10:00am
November 6th 2018 10:00am

2018 SC Works Management Committee

Date Time Location
August 9th 2018 10:00am SC DEW - Executive Conference Room 6th Floor
October 23rd 2018 10:00am SC DEW - Executive Conference Room 6th Floor

2018 Priority Population Committee

Date Time Location
August 15th 2018 10:00am
November 14th 2018 10:00am

2018 Collaboration and Partnership Committee

Date Time Location
August 15th 2018 2:00pm
October 24th 2018 10:00am

Meeting Minutes Meeting Agendas
12-13-2017 SWDB Meeting Minutes 06-06-2018 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
09-29-2017 SWDB Meeting Minutes 02-28-2018 ETPL Appeal Review Agenda
06-27-2017 SWDB Meeting Minutes 02-28-2018 SWDB Meeting Agenda
02-09-2017 SWDB Meeting Minutes  
12-15-2016 SWDB Meeting Minutes  
09-21-2016 SWDB Meeting Minutes  
06-16-2016 SWDB Meeting Minutes  
03-28-2016 SWDB Meeting Minutes  
02-17-2016 SWDB Meeting Minutes  
12-10-2015 SWIB Meeting Minutes  
10-20-2015 SWIB Meeting Minutes  
06-11-2015 SWIB Meeting Minutes  
04-30-2015 SWIB Meeting Minutes  
02-25-2015 SWIB Meeting Minutes  
12-10-2014 SWIB Meeting Minutes  
08-21-2014 SWIB Meeting Minutes  

* Meeting locations and time will be determined.




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