Jobseeker Education and Training Programs


Back to Work
Provides a combination of transitioning
individuals to housing and career guidance
to help individuals maintain gainful
employment and self-sufficiency.


Business Application Plus
The S.C. Vocational Rehabilitation
Department prepares individuals with
disabilities for careers in customer
service and office support.


Business Oriented Applications 
Training customized to meet business
needs for employees who are proficient
in specific applications.


Computer Aided Drafting
Training program that certifies individuals
with disabilities in AutoCAD and SolidWorks
through Vocational Rehabilitation.


English as a Second Language
Instruction provided to adults who lack
proficiency in English through Adult Education.


Family Literacy
Individuals have the opportunity to work
towards accomplishing academic and
parentinggoals simultaneously.


High School Diploma
Adult Education programs operated
by school districts in South Carolina offer
high school diploma courses to adult
students lacking the credits needed
to graduate.


High School Equivalency Diploma
Through the Adult Education office,
South Carolina offers test-takers a
secondary education credential.


Integrated Education and Training
A service approach that provides
adult education and literacy activities
concurrently and contextually with
workforce preparation activities.


Integrated English Literacy and
Civics Education

Education services provided to
professionals to achieve competency in
the English language and acquire the skills
needed tofunction effectively as citizens.


Junior Student Internship Program
A competitive, paid summer internship
for high school juniors and seniors
through the Commission for the Blind.


Networking and Server Support
Vocational Rehabilitation training program
that certifies individuals with disabilities in
networking and server support.


Office Review and Certification
Training opportunity for individuals
with disabilities through Vocational
Rehabilitation to become certified in
the Microsoft Office Suite.


Palmetto Academic Training hub
A full array of training providers designed
to meet WIOA participants' needs for
employment or a career pathway.


Project Hope
Through the Department of Social
Services, Project Hope provides education
and training in health care to low-
income individuals.


Registered Apprenticeships
Combines supervised on-the-job
learning with job-related classroom
experience to maximize the skills
of the current workforce.


Student Internship Program
An eight-week, 120-hour paid
internship through the Commission
for the Blind for college juniors, seniors,
recent graduates from a four-year college
or university. or graduate students.


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 
Helps jobseekers access employment,
education, training and supportive services.


Workforce Preparation
Adult Education activities, programs
or services designed to help an
individual acquire a combination of
basic skillsets.